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Tree Care

Smith Brothers Tree Services has been serving the Kansas City area since 2008.  Our ISA certified arborist has over 11 years of experience.  We offer personalized professional service, from initial consultation to completion of your project.  We are capable of handling anything from your smallest pruning needs to large tree removal.  Safety and ensuring no property damage are paramount to Smith Brothers.  We have the skills and necessary equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently.  We are fully insured for your protection, and guarantee our work.

Tree / Shrub Pruning

Your landscape is a valuable investment that requires maintenance the same as your home.  Proper pruning can extend the life of your landscape and prevent future more expensive problems.

Tree pruning is necessary when:

  • branches are damaged, dead, diseased, or rubbing together

  • branches are interfering with wires, buildings, gutters, roofs, chimneys or windows

  • more sunlight is needed in the yard

  • weak limbs are drooping

  • excessive debris is accumulating in the gutters

  • branches are carrying too much weight

  • unnecessary branches are affecting the tree’s health

Young trees especially benefit from pruning.  By establishing a strong shape and structure early, you can optimize the tree’s growth and health.

We take pride in using the proper pruning techniques for your specific trees/shrubs that minimize the removal of live tissue while meeting your objectives.  Improper pruning can take YEARS to regrow, or in some cases the damage is irreparable.

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